Jan Cobden
I produced show horses for 30 years and bought my first Pointer 20 years ago as a ‘pet’!! She introduced me to the world of dog showing, gaining her stud book number at the Pointer Club Ch Show. I have had the privilege of owning and showing several Pointers over those 20 years and some have also worked on my husband’s shoot. I have been judging since 2003.

Stephen Hollings
Stephen is from a stock background and has judged cattle, sheep, pigs and pigeons. He started showing dogs in the early 1970s following his marriage. He has bred/owned dogs with CCs /ResCCs in English Setters, Field Spaniels, Weimaraners and Golden Retrievers. He has bred over 90 UK Show Champion Weimaraners. Whilst he has judged many breeds at Open Show level, his passion is Gundogs, where he judges the Gundog Group and 9 breeds within the Group at Championship level.

Dawn Ireson
I have had Labradors since 1984 when I got my first yellow boy, Prince, and together with my brother, was bitten by the show bug. I couple of years later we got our first bitch Kizzie. They both gained their stud book numbers. I judged my first show in the late 80's in the days when we served a long apprenticeship. I have been Treasurer of the Northwest Labrador Retriever Club since 2000, a position which I am very proud to hold.

Michelle Kaye-Ackroyd
Showing began with my Briard but she didn't enjoy it. I then took the opportunity to purchase an Italian Spinone, a Breed that I had my eye on, falling for their gentle nature and endearing old gent looks. I bought my first Spinone two years ago and recently acquired my second.
I am driven to keep improving my knowledge and to support the breed and have now completed all the relevant seminars and exams to be on the Breed Specialist C list with the Italian Spinone Club of Great Britain. My current experience has been lots of match meetings, rallies and charity fun shows, and I am extremely grateful to the Committee aof Merseyside Gundog Club for asking me to judge my first Spinone classes.

Mrs. Penny Lane-Ridyard
I was born into a family with a history of show dogs, so naturally enough I started my showing career as a child handler, qualifying for the finals at Richmond with a golden Retriever. I have been involved with showing/choosing the family Golden and Flatcoated Retrievers since my early teens. I have also owned and campaigned a Norfolk Terrier who was the dam to the Top Terrier in 2000.
Marriage, having a daughter and a partnership in the family cattery meant for a while I could not show as much as desired. Over the past few years I have campaigned a Flatcoat bitch to her Junior Warrant and Res CC at 14 months. I also handle the Golden Retrievers on occasions. I enjoy studying gundog breeds and have taken much more of an individual interest in showing and especially judging gundogs, which I find particularly interesting.

Gordon Nesbitt
Although my first dog was a German Shepherd which I showed for a couple of years in the 1970s, it was 10 years later before I took up the hobby again and for the next 20 years, I owned and showed Cocker Spaniels around the North East of England. Whilst at the shows, I became interested in Clumber Spaniels and got my first one in 1995. I have owned, shown and loved the breed ever since and it was through showing Clumbers that I met my wife! In 2011, we added Sussex Spaniels to our canine family and currently own 1 Clumber and 4 Sussex. I have been on the committee of North of England Spaniel Club for a number of years and I am currently chairman of the Cheviot & Berwick Canine Society, where I help to run Ringcraft classes.

Cameron Stokes
I was born into a family in which both my parents show and judge so have always been around the dog show scene since I can remember. My career in dogs started in 2008 when I started to show our family American Cocker Spaniel with which I had some success. I have been very successful as a junior handler and I have also been a volunteer at Crufts for the YKC. My involvement in English Springers started in 2011 and I am now on the C list.

Sarah Wood
1983 saw me enter the ring with my first Golden Retriever, with my first judging appointment for the
Breed being in 1989. 6 years later, I was presented with the opportunity to judge Labradors. Since that time, I have also judged numerous other Gundog breeds and been afforded the privilege of judging the Gundog Group at Open Shows. I awarded my first set of CCs in Golden Retrievers in 2014 and have a further Championship Show judging appointment later this year.
Recently, my focus in the ring has been on handling the Monchique Golden Retrievers to success with
this year’s most notable achievement being two class wins with litter brother and sister at Crufts 2017.