Mark Boswell
I first started showing Cocker Spaniels at the age of 11, then more seriously at 17. I have shown all over the country, meeting many great characters in both humans and dogs. I now show Cockers, Hungarian Vizslas and Sussex Spaniels, having previously shown an Irish Setter and French Bulldog.
My biggest achievement was being awarded BOB at Crufts 2005 with my lovely blue roan Cocker bitch, ShCh Marquell Misprint. I have had several Show Champions in Sussex Spaniels and ResCCs winners in Vizslas. I award CCs in Cockers, Sussex, Americans, Vizslas and Weimaraners.
I consider any judging appointment an honour and privilege and look forward to this appointment at Merseyside Gundog Club.

Jim Irvine
I have been involved in the show scene for 35 years and started showing my first Flatcoat in 1982. He became a Sh.Ch. in 1989 and over the years I have bred and/or owned 7 Show Champions plus one with 2 CCs. I obtained my foundation bitch in 1994 and to date have bred only 4 litters. The best known Flatcoat I have bred was Sh.Ch. Vbos The Kentuckian, BIS Crufts 2011 and current breed record holder with 64 CCs. I have awarded CCs in Flatcoats since 1995 and by November 2017 will have judged them on 15 occasions including bitches at Crufts 2009. Since 1998 I have judged regularly in Europe and Scandinavia plus an appointment in Canada. I am not currently on any breed club list for Goldens but I have judged them on numerous occasions since the 1980s (47 classes giving an entry of approximately 214).
I am looking forward to judging the Golden Retriever Bitches on 4th February 2018.

Timothy Jackson
I bought my first Welsh Springer in 1993, with several to follow. To date I have campaigned two of our dogs to their stud book numbers. I had my first judging appointment in 2000 and since have judged a Breed Club show and at Three Counties Championship Show without CC's. I am a committee member of the North of England Welsh Springer Spaniel Club, President of Huddersfield and District Canine Association and am Dog Section Secretary of Honley Show Society. In my spare time I train dogs at our club for their Good Citizens Awards.
I am looking forward to judging at the show and thank the committee for their kind invitation.

Christine Littlemore
In 1974, when I was 12 years old, I started showing cockers with Canigou Isabert, who sired many champions in this country and abroad. We gained our Krismoor affix in the late 70s. I was pleased to make one of Isabert’s sons, Manuchi Top Of The Class of Krismoor into a Show Champion. I have judged 4 Cocker Spaniel Breed Club Shows and quite a few classes at Open Shows. I have also have judged American Cockers on a number of occasions . I have shown an Italian Spinone for the past 18 months.

Carol Oldring
I have been involved in showing and breeding Golden Retrievers since 1984. My first judging appointment was in 1996. In 1998, due to family commitments, I took a break from my showing activities until 2004 when I was once again in a position to return to them and very much enjoy campaigning my youngsters. I am very interested in the future of the breed and thoroughly enjoy judging them. I have the relevant KC seminar certificates and currently am on many Breed Club lists.
I am also a committee member of The Northern Golden Retriever Association.

Terry A Pearson
I am currently passed to give CCs in five breeds, but have also judged most of the gundog breeds, in addition to breeds in other groups, at Open Show level, both in UK and Ireland. I showed/bred Irish Setters, Cocker Spaniels and Smooth Fox Terriers for over thirty years. In 1992 our first Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla joined us, and since then, we have had success in the show ring and other puppies from our kennel have gone on to working homes.

Pam Tait
I started showing Labradors in 1998 and GSPs in 2003 and progressed to judging in 2015. I have attended a GSP seminar and am presently on the club “C” list. I have had an interest in the breed for many years and have bred 5 GSPs who have gained their Stud Book Number. I have won 2 CCs and 15 RCCs. I have my own successful business as a dog walker.

Karen Tregaskis
I have owned Pointers for 10 years and shown the breed for almost 6. I am included on the Pointer Club “C” Breed Specialist List and have successfully attended the KC’s judges training - exams and seminars.
We breed occasionally, when looking for a puppy to join us, and my dogs have achieved Stud Book numbers. When possible, I enjoy attending training weekends for pointing breeds and field trials.
I am currently training to be a Clinical Canine Massage Therapist - a career ahead helping dogs will be very exciting.
I am looking forward to judging Pointers at Merseyside Gundog Club Open Show.

Tereza Watkins
I began showing Beagles in 1978 and qualified for the Junior Handling Finals in 1981. I made up my first English Setter in 1987 and have gained titles with 4 other English Setters, including winning BOB at Crufts 2015 and 2017. I made my Pointer up in 2014 and currently handle Pointers, Gordon Setters, English Setters, Beaucerons and a Min Pin! I awarded my first set of CCs in English Setters in 1996.